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Know Your Numbers

Financial health is part of our wellbeing.   When you understand and know your cash outgoings, your tax bil, national insurance contributions and investment options, you are financially literate.   This empowers you, because when you are in control of your numbers you are in better control of your life.


When you understand your cash flows, taxes and how to invest, you are empowered to manage your finances.


When you have financial education you can grow your wealth, create business and build investments.


When you are in control of your numbers, you are in control of your life.

My Story

The founder Arfy Majeed is a chartered accountant. She has held several senior financial roles including Vice President of Finance at various investment banks, hedge funds and finance houses.

She is also the co-founder and business partner for a number of companies. Previously Arfy mentored women in middle management positions and female led businesses.

‘Know Your Numbers’ was founded after mentoring business owners who did not have the financial education to manage their cash flows and profitability. After doing her own research Arfy also found that 95% of a sample of women in affluent positions did not know how to trade stocks, know what an ISA was or how to calculate VAT correctly. Subsequently she wanted to create a hub where members can access financial education and be part of a community that provides knowledge on investments and wealth.




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Know your numbers Grow your wealth. If you would like any further information on any of our services contact us today