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Our Services


Did you learn Pythagoras theorem at school? Remember pi = 3.14159??
Did you ever use this after you left school? However if you had learnt what national insurance contributions are, or how income tax is calculated, or what an interest only mortgage is, it would have been a key life skill!
Know your Numbers is on a mission to teach finance skills with an ultimate aim for financial literacy to be taught in schools.


FREE for members. Workshops and online courses on wealth management and financial planning

Speaker & Workshops

Arfy is a financial expert and can speak at your event on a range of topics including
– Debt Management
– Financial Literacy
– Investing
– Financial Well being
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a tailor made presentation.
Prices are available on request

Members Club

Exclusive access to investment news, portfolio strategies, financial education and expert recommendations on growing your wealth.




(PHONE) + 44 (0) 7944492635



Know your numbers Grow your wealth. If you would like any further information on any of our services contact us today